How To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Mac : Successful Recovery Tips

Don’t know how to retrieve deleted, formatted or lost photos, picture and images on Mac? Then there is no need to panic. In this following post you will get all your answers how you can recover your lost, damaged, deleted or formatted photos on Mac. So kindly follow the post very carefully. Then you can easily retrieve all your photos in several steps or some clicks.

Possible Reasons Behind Deletion/Formatted/Lost Photos On Mac

Losing Photos in Mac OS can be a real pain and it can be more terrible when you’re the one who clicked on delete. There are so many reasons behind the deletion of photos from Mac OS. Photos are our one of the most valuable memories of life that can capture and save it as photos on our systems. There are some of the possible reasons that you may lose your saved photos on your Mac OS. It can be accidentally or intentionally deleted, formatted, corrupted due to malware or virus attacks, sudden power failure, storage media crash or memory card crash and due to similar other similar issues. So if you want to retrieve deleted photos on mac by following below given manual recovery method.

How To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Mac : Manual Steps

If you are still using iPhoto (Which is replaced by Apple with Photos in 2015) and you have deleted the photo from that program then it will be sent to iPhoto Trash (rather than usual mac OS Trash). Follow the steps to retrieve deleted images on iPhoto.

Step 1. Open iPhoto and tap on Trash in the Sidebar..

Step 2. Control + tap on the photo that you want to retrieve and select Put Back.

Step 3. Click on Photos in the Sidebar to view the images.

Then all the files be replaced back in the iPhoto library.

Top Rated Paid And Free Software That Helps You To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Mac

Software Rank

Software Name

User’s Rating


Download Link 

Technical Support


Stellar Mac Data Recovery


Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery


Cisdem Mac Data Recovery


Micromat TechTool Mac Data Recovery


PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery


Paid Software That Helps To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Mac

#1. Stellar Mac Data Recovery

In the world of data recovery Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a very famous brand name. This recovery software performs a safe and accurate recovery of lost/damaged/formatted iphotos, videos, multimedia files and documents that has been intentionally or accidentally deleted from various file systems. It has ability to recover lost files on iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac, Mini, and Mac Pro. It provides you RAW recovery on lost/deleted mac volumes and recover data from encrypted file systems. It can perform smooth file recovery from unmounted OS X volumes. You can retrieve a complete data recovery for Mac OS X due to logical disk errors. This software also recovers deleted iphoto recovery files from your Time Machine hard drive. It is highly compatible with various possible versions of macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.

System Requirements For Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Processor Intel (G5 or Later)
Memory 1 GB
Operating System



Hard Disk Free space of 50 MB

Splendid Features Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery gives you the power to perform various Mac recovery tasks like deleted files, reviving lost Mac volumes, recovers Time Machine backup drives and much more. Some of the core features is given below-

1. Mac Data Recovery – Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a professional software that offers a variety of recovery services or helpful features to get back all your deleted iPhotos, documents, videos, Photos, from the inaccessible volumes. This recovery software performs a crucial operation to recover or restore data after happening of different kids of disasters such as drive formatting, accidental deletion, attack of virus or malware and similar other reasons. It uses some of the most advanced techniques to scan your entire hard drive to recover photos and files with ease.

2. Retrieve Permanently Trashed Files – Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a premium software which is designed by competent algorithm that can successfully achieve restoration from permanently deleted data. data. On Mac system deleted data is stored into the “Trash” until it is permanently deleted from the system. You can delete your data by pressing “Command + Shift + Option + Delete” can delete the data permanently from Mac. Using Stellar Mac Data Recovery undelete the data in few clicks. In addition of this it restores the data to their original locations with their original file names.

3. Time Machine Back Up Drive Recovery – As you know Time Machine Backup is supposed to house of your critical data so that you can use it in emergencies to recover your data and photos but sometimes the structure of this backup has totally damaged and unfortunately your data or photos deleted at the same time then do not waste your valuable time just use this Stellar Mac Data Recovery and connect your backup drive to your Mac and launch the application. This recovery software checks the Time Machine as a normal hard drive and provide the user friendly solutions to get back your precious data.

4. Enhanced GUI And Additional Features – This Stellar Mac Data Recovery is equipped with a smart and simple user interface. It is one of the easiest data recovery products to use in comparison with the others available in the market. It provides a detailed information in each steps which makes it easy to use for the beginners. In addition of these its S.M.A.R.T and minimum RAM usages makes it best in recovery software category.

#2. Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery

Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery is a effective data recovery software which is specially designed to recover your lost/damaged/corrupt or formatted data and Photos from on your Mac OS  and Time Machine. You can lose your memorable photos by many of scenarios such as intentional or accidental deletion, formatted, corrupted due to malware or virus attacks and power failure and similar other reasons. It can also retrieve iPhotos from formatted or corrupted volumes. It is full packed with data erased and data protection features. Protect, recover and erased data from file system supported to the Mac OS. You can use this recovery software to take unlimited recoveries from local storage and external storage. It can recover all kinds of data that falls only in recovering media files from a reformatted disk. It is a program which works very fast and doesn’t sacrifice their speed. It is a terrific program if your are desiring to work with some of its has one promising feature of save a scan and preview files. Kroll has fastest for scanning and recovery.

Key Features Of Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery

1. Data Recovery – This Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery software can recover from local or external hard drives (HDD/SSD), optical and digital media.

2. Available For Mac And Windows – It offers services on Mac and Windows both platforms.

3. Data Erasure – It can securely and permanently deleted data.

4. Unlimited Recovery – You can recover unlimited times with a renewal of one year license.

Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery Helps To Recover Data In Common Types Of Data Loss Scenario

  • Accidental damage or deletion of files and data.
  • Damaged files.
  • Initialized disks.
  • Files that are lost or missing.
  • Corrupt or formatted volumes.
  • Accidental formatting of media drive.

Pros And Cons Of Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery

                           Pros                     Cons
1. Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery recovered 100% of deleted data and 85% to 100% lost files due to reformatting. 1. This Mac version is lack of options for scans or previews of recovered files.
2. Clean, Fast and Wizard based user interface. 2. Minor interface problem.
3. Too many advanced options. 3. No preview for recovered data.

Bottom line : Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery is relatively costly but it is highly effective file recovery software for who that manages multiple computers and valuable data. Then this should have in their software toolkit.

#3. Cisdem Mac Data Recovery

Cisdem Mac Data Recovery is a data recovery software for Mac OS. It can recover all your Photos, documents, archives and many more similar data or files on your corrupted computer. It can recover data from your Mac system internal and external drive such as memory cards, hard drives and portable media players. You may lose your valuable data due to sudden system crash, accidentally or intentionally deleted Photos, formatting of storage or media drives and similar more reasons. It stands among one of the best in the category of data recovery software that can recover your lost/damaged or corrupt data and Photos with ease. It can recover your files under many of data loss scenario. It can restore your data on various kinds of storage devices. It truly recovers your deleted or lost data or Photos. It is one of the most effective data recovery tool that also saves your valuable time. It provides a guaranteed and safe data recovery on your Mac.

Promising Features Of Cisdem Mac Data Recovery

1. Deletion/ Data Lost. Do not worry – Cisdem Mac Data Recovery can get back your files under various kinds of data loss situations such as

  • Sudden Power Off

  • Factory Reset

  • improper Operation

  • Accidental Deletion

  • Format Mac hard drive, memory card, USB drive etc.

  • OS Re-installation

  • Malware or virus attacks

  • System crash

2. Restore Wide Range Of Data From Various Storage Devices – It can restore deleted or lost data on many of storage devices. It can restore documents, Photos, Videos, Audios, Emails, messages and Archives from Mac OS, Internal hard disk, External hard drive, USB, Memory/SD cards, Digital Cameras and players.

3. Completely Recover You Lost/Deleted Data – Cisdem Mac Data Recovery deeply find any file type. It recovers what you want to recover that means it gives an option to choose. It provides scan all lost data and preview details in trail version. It classify the recoverable data using file types.

4. Provide Easy And Time Saving Data Recovery – Cisdem Mac Data Recovery gives you a very quick and time saving recovery process by doing quick and deep scan, using file type filters, three easy steps, particular extension of file, estimated scan time.

Cisdem Mac Data Recovery : System Requirements

  • Intel, 64-bit processor

  • OS X 10.9 or later

Cisdem Mac Data Recovery : Pros and Cons

                           Pros                     Cons
Cisdem Mac Data Recovery has a high success rate of recover lost or reformatted Photos or files. But Cisdem Mac Data Recovery only recovers one third of the lost data or files.

#4. Micromat TechTool Mac Data Recovery

Micromat TechTool Mac Data Recovery is a good program if you are looking for recover your lost/damaged/formatted data or photos but its data recovery success rate is average than above mentioned programs. It offers mac data recovery software in its suit of system maintenance program. The file recovery feature does very well recovering photos but it fell short when it comes to recover documents and other media files. The user screen looks very clean and colorful It has a very quick recovery speed which can take away your frustration which comes to your by losing your data or photos. It recovers 90% or deleted or lost photos but fails to recover documents or other media files which is just 63%. Its performance is lesser than the Stellar Mac Data Recovery program. It is not compatible with RAID systems. It gives you a great consumer services and plenty of technical support service options such as by phone, emails, live char option.

Terrific Features Of Micromat TechTool Mac Data Recovery

  • Data Recovery

  • Cache rebuild

  • Mac Drive testing and repair

  • Emergency Start up disk.

  • Protect Important data

  • Portable to take it with you.

  • It offers complete hardware testing.

  • Micromat TechTool Mac Data Recovery has advanced memory testing.

  • Diagnostic and repair

  • Smarter SMART check

  • Rebuild corrupt Volumes.

  • Cloning of Volumes.

  • Memory Test

  • Volume and file optimization

  • Network and Connectivity monitoring and testing.

Pros and Cons of Micromat TechTool Mac Data Recovery

                               Pros                    Cons
Micromat TechTool Mac Data Recovery offers several system maintenance features like performance and memory tests that extend it beyond from data recovery. Micromat TechTool Mac Data Recovery is not compatible with RAID systems.

Totally Free Data Recovery Software That Helps To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Mac

#5. PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery

PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery is a file data recovery software which is designed to recover lost Photos, documents, other media files and archives from hard disks, deleted iPhoto. It ignores file system after underlying data so it will still work even if your media’s file system has been severally damaged or reformatted. It is a completely free and Open Source application which is distributed under GNU (General Public License). It is a companion program to TestDisk an application which is used to recover partitions on a wide range of file systems and also to make non bootable disk to bootable again. To get more safety PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery uses read only access to handle the drive or memory card that you are about to recover your lost or deleted Photos, iPhoto, files and data from. It works on files systems like FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ext2/ext3/ext4 file systems and HFS+.

Advantage and Disadvantage of PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery

                                 Advantage                           Disadvantage
1. PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery helps to recover lost Photos, iphotos, media files, documents from a variety of media storage devices. 1. PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery is based on command line utilities that means it has not a graphical user interface.
2. PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery provide detailed information and execute their purposes. 2. It is not suitable for less experienced or novice users.
3. It is absolutely free of cost application. 3. It takes too much time to complete the recovery process.

Why Choose Stellar Mac Data Recovery Among All To Retrieve Deleted Photos On Mac

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a well known and promising brand name in the field of data recovery and serving their satisfied customers in more than 190 nations with over 2 million above valuable users. It supports a wide range of file support systems and devices to recover lost data, photos, other media files which has accidentally lost, deleted or formatted due to some of the reasons and you may lost your valuable data files, Photos and iphoto. If you are finding these of the data lost problems then do not worry just try this Stellar Mac Data Recovery on your Mac to rescue your all of the lost data and be part of rapidly growing stellar products.

Quick And Easy Steps To Install Stellar Mac Data Recovery On Your Mac OS

Step 1. Download Stellar Mac Data Recovery application on your Mac.

Step 2. Double click on Stellar Mac Data Recovery application .DMG File.

Step 3. Drag Stellar to your Application folder and then Run.

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